As an investor, selecting a good online broker is one of the most important decisions you will have to face. Each trader has his or her own style of play, and so do the brokers. This variety of investors and brokers ensures that only those that match will work together well. Bearing this in mind, it is your duty as an investor to find the best stock broker that offers services that matches most of your needs, if not all.

We are here to help investors like you find a better broker, by outlining a list of the best online brokers for traders.

TD Ameritrade

This online trader has been rated as a top broker by most top trading forums. The best thing about this broker is, they offer a variety of trading equipment in both the mobile platform and desktop version. This platform ranks the best in terms of the following categories:

  • Customer service
  • Option trading
  • New investor
  • Option trading

And this is why Ameritrade ranks number 1 on our list.


Technology makes working effectively and efficiently easier. When it comes to advanced trading platforms, TradeStation is second to none. For the past five years, this broker has retained the award for the best platform in terms of technology. With the trade charge of just $5, traders are also able to code their own program using this platform.

Interactive Brokers

This brokerage suits professionals best. They are preferred by many due to the constant offers available on their platform, which has been designed to offer services to professional traders who are sure of what they are doing. The site offers per share pricing only with the additional charge of $20 per month.

The good thing is, traders who deposit a minimum of $100,000 are offered a commission schedule, full access to international trading and margin rates.